Elaine Heseltine Carp

Elaine Heseltine-Carp is a classically trained contemporary figurative artist based in Wiltshire.

She was born in England into an art legacy, her father being John Robert Heseltine (1923 – 2015), whose work has included The Queen, Princess Ann, the investiture of the now King Charles and other members of the Royal Family, whilst renowned artist John Postle Heseltine (1843 – 1929), trustee of The National Gallery, is a close relative. Elaine was more than happy to follow in their footsteps and studied under her father for many years.
Having studied with the London Atelier of Representational Art, Elaine has been a professional artist for many years, her work exhibited in major collections worldwide, including Mall Galleries and Bulstrode Gallery in London, Chateau du Bijou in France, Saatchi Art and many others.