Elaine Heseltine Carp

My first blog article on my new site!

Hopefully this blog will help artists who struggle from time to time with art, just like myself. I hope to offer tips and the latest ideas that I’ve discovered from my time in the art world.

At the moment I am working full speed on work for our big exhibition here at Lower Leigh Farm in July. We already have 26 amazing artists sign up to exhibit. It’s all incredibly exciting! There will be a car fest as well with vintage cars from all eras. The site can be found at https://lowerleighatelier.com/

Meanwhile, I have to take my self portrait up to the mall galleries, as I have been accepted for second round of the royal portrait society exhibition. Taking a life size painting, plus frame, all the way from Wiltshire to London is going to be interesting! I did check if it will go in the car and with about a millimetre to spare it will.  

I hope I can off load at the Mall Galleries so I don’t have to walk it far. I have just varnished it. I’m not entirely happy with it, but I have used Ganvar gloss varnish. So far I have done three coats, but it still looks patchy to me so probably will do one more.

Meanwhile, here at the farm we are just bogged down with rain.  All the fields are sodden and walking the dogs is just a joke.  Roll on summer with some really hot sunny days!  

Back to work now.  I will post some of my work I am doing for the exhibition, which will be up for sale together with some incredible work done by some other artists. Details of dates and times will come in the next blog.